My Perverted Legacy

Berlin, December, 2023

I have now spent over 10 years creating photography. From a hunch to writing out the concept, organising and executing it.

In 2022, I felt it was time to compile my 10 years of photography work into a photobook. My third photobook by now.

A little recap: My first photobook was published in 2010 and was a photographic report of the festival Zwarte Cross in the Netherlands. Shortly after the Zwarte Cross photobook was published, I started at the Amsterdam photo academy and graduated 2014. In 2014, I self-published my final exam work, my photobook “The Final Cut”. A collection of mostly staged images from the Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission and Sadism and Masochisme (BDSM) scene.

Now 10 years later, and with the help of a special someone, I will always be grateful to, I am working hard on my third photobook with the working title at the moment: “My Perverted Legacy”. Again, my chosen concepts are BDSM related but also images from the porn and swinger scene where I have taken many photos over the past 10 years.

In 2022 I moved to Berlin where the BDSM scene is big and where I regularly photograph in the Kit Kat Club meanwhile.

The stage has now arrived to compile the final images for the book and then start making a dummy.

I will keep viewers informed by this site